Study Programs in Denmark

учебни програми в Дания

AP and Bachelor Programs in Denmark

There are several types of study programs in Denmark. AP programs that last 2.5 years and bachelor’s – 3.5 years. Both degrees include one internship at a Danish or international company of different duration, according to the wishes of each student (3-9 months). After completing the AP program, the student has the opportunity to enroll in a Top up program (see the bottom of page) to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Denmark. By completing an AP degree, the student has the opportunity to choose between several different Top up degrees. This is one of the advantages of the AP degrees, as not always the students are completely aware what exactly they want to do upon graduation.

Top up Study Programs in Denmark

All Top up programs in Denmark include an internship at a Danish or international company, with different duration (3-6 months), according to the desire of each student. Each AP program allows you to continue your education with several Top up degrees. Upon completion of the Top up degree, the student obtains a bachelor’s degree in the field.

Master Programs in Denmark

The Master’s programs in Denmark are one of the most desired in Europe. Some of the universities that offer master’s degrees in English are – International Business Academy, Copenhagen University, Aalborg University, Aarhus University, IT University of Copenhagen, Danish Technical University, Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University, University of Southern Denmark, Design School Kolding, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The study programs are quite a few and vary. To be admitted into some of them is a challenge due to the high competition – the universities receive more application than the available study places! Do not rely on meeting the minimum admission requirements – read the small letters and be creative when preparing your documents to maximize your admission chances for your chosen program.

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