Student internship abroad, in Denmark, or anywhere in the world – it’s easy with our help!

студентски стаж в чужбина

Student Internship Abroad  

The advantage of the Danish education is the practical approach, which aims to prepare you as much as possible for the real work environment. Its goal is to put you in real situations from the professional life to start developing as professionals during your training. That is why a large part of the programs in Denmark include a mandatory internship at a Danish or international company. This is a valuable experience for the students, a test of their abilities and knowledge, as well as an opportunity for a permanent employment after the internship. That is why we strongly advise you to look for an internship even before the start of your higher education – we will give you the guidelines!

When will your student internship happen?

The internship takes place at different times for the different study programs. Usually, it happens during the second year of your education. The duration of the AP programs is 2 and a half years, during which students spend one semester in a mandatory internship. It is possible to get an internship in one of the most successful companies in Denmark or in another country of your choice – sky is the limit. After completing your AP program, you can proceed with the Top-up Bachelor program, lasting 1.5 years. Each Top up program also includes an internship in a company. If you decide to continue your education and enroll in a master’s degree, there is another internship in a company of your choice.

студентски стаж в чужбина

How to find a student internship abroad?

Finding the desired student internship is a big problem for all students abroad and in Denmark. You might have already felt that if you have started your internship search! The process is usually quite chaotic due to the lack of structured information and guidelines, which should bring you closer to the student position in the companies you have already identified! Unfortunately, usually the universities let the students find their internships on their own. Do not expect much real help in the process! Unfortunately, you can expect a large number of negative responses or even no responses to the emails you will address to a lot of companies…

Since we have been in this situation more than once, we understand your problem very well. We can help you attract the attention of the leading companies by presenting yourself in the right way. What is imporant here is to have side projects to showcase, besides everything that you have been wokring on at the university. The knowledge and skills that you will acquire during the lectures correspond to only 40-50% of those that you need to have in order to be competitive on the labor and internship market!

студентски стаж в чужбина

Our experience in providing student internships abroad is solid, as we have gone through the process several times on our own. Furthermore, but we have also advised many of the students who we have sent to Denmark about their internships!

  1. How to find the right companies for you?
  2. When should you start the process?
  3. How to write an attractive cover letter?
  4. How to build the right portfolio?
  5. What strategy should you use to receive an interview invitation?
  6. How to ACE the interview ?!

Additionally, if you are looking for an internship in the field of marketing, programming or design, we constantly have projects in which you will have the opportunity to get involved with innovative ideas and apply what you have learned. This will give you a chance to gather projects for your portfolio! Sometimes we can offer you an internship position, as long as we need the skills you can offer at the moment.

Contact us to find out more about the steps you need to take to find your student internship in Denmark or elsewhere abroad.


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