Student internship abroad, in Denmark, or anywhere in the world – it’s easy with our help!

student internship Malaga

Student internship in the country

The advantage of the Danish education is the practical orientation, the aim of which is to prepare you as much as possible for the real working environment. To put you in real situations of the professional process to prepare you to develop as professionals already during your studies. That is why a huge part of the programs in Denmark includes a mandatory internship in Danish or foreign companies. It is a valuable experience for the students, a test of their abilities and knowledge, as well as the possibility of a permanent employment contract after completing the internship. Therefore, we at Danbul Study advise you to look for an internship even before the start of your higher education!

When will your student internship take place?

The internship takes place at a different time for each study program. This is usually during the second year of your study abroad. The duration of the AP programs is 2 years, during which students spend one semester in a mandatory internship, you can end up in one of the most successful companies in Denmark or in another country abroad – this could be Bulgaria. After completing an AP program, you can continue with a Top-up bachelor’s program, lasting 1.5 years. Every Top up program also includes an internship in a company. If you decide to continue your education and enroll in a master’s degree, there is another internship waiting for you at a company of your choice.

student internship Malaga

How long does it take to apply for a student internship abroad?

Finding the desired student internship is a big problem for students both abroad and in Denmark. You may have already tasted the bitterness if you started your search! Usually the process is quite chaotic due to the lack of structured information and guidance to get you closer to the student position in the companies you have identified! Unfortunately, your university will usually leave you completely on your own to take care of your internship and there will be almost no help from it. Unfortunately, you can expect a large number of negative responses or even no responses to the emails you will be addressing to hundreds of companies…

Since we have been in this situation more than once, we understand your problem perfectly. What’s even better, though, is that we have a solution for it!

student internship Malaga


We will help you with the whole process of finding your internship if you wish to spend it in Spain and specifically at an international company based in sunny Malaga! You will get the opportunity not only to develop the skills in your professional field, but at the same time you will immerse yourself in another new culture, creating new friendships and professional contacts!

If you are wondering whether internships are available for your field of study, don’t worry! The connections we have are wide-ranging, guaranteeing TOP Spanish (and international) companies from every industry! The process goes through one or more interviews to determine your wishes, interests and level of competence. According to all these factors, you will be offered one or more internship options in Malaga.

student internship Malaga


Some of the internships in Malaga can be paid! To qualify for this type of internship, you will usually need to be able to demonstrate more than basic skills and experience. Furthermore, the companies that will be willing to pay you for the time spent with them will expect a maximum stay with them!

On the other hand, if you’re willing to just learn and soak up everything you come across, unpaid internships are much less demanding. This means both shorter internship periods and simply a huge desire, not additional experience and qualifications. There are also scholarship opportunities of €640 per month to cover a significant part of your expenses in Malaga! And we’ll help you get them!

  1. Preparation – we will help you create an original CV and Linkedin profile that will be your business card before the interviews coming your way!
  2. Finding the right company – once we know what you are looking for and what you can offer, we will discuss all this with potential companies in the relevant field.
  3. Interview with Company X – You will have an interview coming up where you will be able to talk to your potential company asking questions and answering their.
  4. Confirmation – after the interview, upon mutual agreement, finalization of documents and purchasing of plane tickets is what follows!
student internship Malaga


  • Internship in your sector of education/occupation
  • Orientation before departure
  • Welcome at Malaga airport
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Transport and accommodation (private rooms with private bathrooms)
  • Career and vocational training
  • 24/7 help of any kind
  • Language courses (optional)
student internship Malaga

Malaga – student internship, holiday or something in between?!

Málaga is a large city in southern Spain, located on the Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun) on the northern side of the Mediterranean Sea.

The city is in the heart of Andalusia and the capital of the province of Malaga. Its airport is the third largest in Spain and has direct access to many European cities. The city boasts 320 days of sunshine each year, making it the sunniest place in Spain with average annual temperatures of 18.5 °C. Malaga is a major tourist destination with its sandy beaches, water sports, rich architectural history, Mediterranean cuisine and friendly locals.

Málaga embodies Spanish traditions in many aspects, such as the magnificent Plaza de Toros and a superb variety of tapas bars.

The city is home to over 500,000 inhabitants and is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso.

student internship Malaga

Why choose Malaga for your internship?!

  1. Malaga is known for its stunning beaches, culture and food and is one of the most visited coastal cities in Spain.
  2. The people of Malaga are well known for their hospitality and friendliness.
  3. This culturally rich city is one of the oldest in the world and has a wonderful panorama of museums, art galleries and festivals.
  4. Malaga is a cosmopolitan city where more than 150 nationalities live and work together.
  5. Málaga boasts 320 days of sunshine each year, making it the sunniest place in Spain, with 40km of beaches.
  6. Less than two years ago, Forbes ranked Málaga among the 20 best cities in the world for Americans to live, invest and work.
  7. It is the 4th most prominent economy in Spain.
  8. Malaga has a very modern international airport with direct flights to 142 destinations in 31 different countries and receives 19 million passengers a year.
  9. It is home to the Malaga Technology Park, known by many as the ‘Spanish Silicon Valley’.
  10. The technology park includes over 600 companies, including Google’s headquarters.
    Malaga is considered one of the most advanced SMART cities in Europe.
  11. Málaga is home to the first national center for digital content. It is now a world leader in technological developments.
student internship Malaga


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