Danish Language Courses

курсове по датски език

Make no mistake, you WILL NEED the Danish language if you live in Denmark.

After spending 12+ years in Denmark, we can firmly say that learning Danish is a major and very important task for every newcomer to the country. If you speak even a little Danish, you will be able to open doors, which otherwise will always remaind locked. Ask yourself what your attitude would be towards a foreigner in your home country if they start explaining something to you in a broken local language. The try and the desire are what really matters!  You will most probably get a genuine interest in that foreigner and try to help them in any way you can.

Many foreigners (including ourselves) say to themselves: “Why would I need Danish? I speak perfect English.” Yes, but you are in Denmark, where the locals speak Danish and expect you to speak Danish with them too! If you want to feel better emotionally, if you want to be accepted by the Danes, whether you stay 3 months or 30 years in Denmark, do not make our mistake, but learn Danish. Knowing at least a little Danish will open widely the doors to the much desired and hunted by all student work in the country! The local language is the most powerful weapon you can get, and it’s really worth investing in it.

We are aware that very few will take our words seriously. We would not have taken this step on our own if we were now in 11th or 12th grade. That’s why we allowed ourselves to make a short video with Bianca – The Wonder Girl! Forget about our advice – just see the video and decide for youself:

You already know that a proficiency in Danish is a key skill that guarantees your professional realization not only in Denmark, but also anywhere in the world where Danish companies have a presence. Now you might ask yourself: Where do I start? Where can I enroll in Danish language courses in my home country? How much do they cost? Where can I find Danish language courses in Denmark? In what language would it be taught? Will I be able to understand everything?

Our advice is to start Danish language courses loooooong before you have packed your luggage to Denmark! You will need Danish as soon as you set foot at the airport in Denmark or even before that! If you do not know the language, the road signs, the signs in the shops and especially the documents you will sign will be unrecognizable and alien to you…

You will have to make some phone calls in Denmark – you will need Danish language! Starting with the automatic phone menu that will activate at almost any institution! Make no mistake, wherever you call, you will be greeted with one of them – to make an appointment with your doctor when not feeling well or to get your delivery box from your parents… All this, at first glance easy, will make you hopeless, frustrated and angry, because you will not understand that you just have to press 1 or 9, enter your CPR number, or just wait a few minutes, calmly on the phone. Unfortunately, the Danes will very often hang up the phone if you directly “attack” them with your English! They just don’t expect to hear English! When you wait 15-20 minutes and they hang up the phone after your “Hello…”, the feeling is really great! Therefore, ALWAYS start your conversations in Danish! These are just some of the things that will complicate your life if you do not know Danish, at least a little bit…

Start your language training in your home country to avoid the stressful situations when you arrive in Denmark! The best time is the summer between 11th and 12th grade, when you will have enough time to devote entirely to the language! We would like to point out that learning Danish from the very beginning in Denmark is a difficult task, as the balance between lectures, job search (or going to work), projects, social life and sleep hours is almost impossible to find.

For those of you who want to be one step ahead of all other students, we organize Danish courses in Sofia (and online) in small groups (2-4 people) or private lessons. We work in a cooperation with professors who teach Scandinavian Studies at Sofia University. The courses are organized with the sole purpose of you finding a student job in Denmark as quickly as possible. You will get a foundation and solid knowledge in the language that will give you a flying start in the country. For students who do not live in Sofia, the courses can also be held online. Contact us for more details.

курсове по датски език

Danish Language in Denmark

When you arrive in Denmark, you will have the opportunity to enroll in a language school – or in Danish, sprogskole, which offers Danish language courses for students and foreigners. This is the place to contact if you have decided to start your Danish language training.

Unfortunately, the process is long, you must have your Danish documents, wait for a group to be formed, wait to be called in for an interview… Do not hope to start Danish lessons before December. As graduates who have refused to study Danish for 4 years, we can only advise you not to repeat our mistake – “Lesson Learnt!” If we are to start an education in Denmark or in any other country in the world, the language lessons in while still at home are a MUST and definitely one of the first steps we will make!

It is also important to emphasize that the Danish courses in Denmark are no longer free! Each level will cost you 2000 Danish kroner or 250 EURO! This includes only 24 lessons. The Danish language courses are easy and interesting, but you must be prepared for a way of teaching that is conducted entirely in Danish. The teachers will explain absolutely everything to you in Danish from day one, although you won’t even know the alphabet. You will learn the language with a lot of speaking exercises and fun games, as long as you don’t quit!

курсове по датски език

What is the advantage if you study Danish?

  1. There are ONLY about 6 million people who speak Danish! If you speak Danish at a good level, this will make you a valuable staff member for any company that would like to make business with Danish companies!
  2. Knowing Danish automatically makes your culture shock battle a much easier one. Make no mistake, you will experience the culture shock! 
  3. Knowing Danish will make your daily life much easier – in shops, restaurants and other public places.
  4. The Danish languge will make it easier for you to solve any bureaucratic problems that may arise during your stay in Denmark – translating, filling in and understanding documents in the municipality, accommodation contracts, mobile operators and you name it.
  5. Thanks to the Danish language, you will understand, like and accept the Danish customs and traditions more easily, which in turn will help you integrate more quickly and easily into the Danish society.
  6. The Danish language will allow you to communicate with a lot more Danes, who can be very kind and fun, but also can help you with a lot of trouble you will run into.
  7. The Danish language will make your job search a much easier task – both in Denmark and abroad. Every language is treasure.
  8. Knowing Danish, you will automatically understand parts of Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Greenlandic.
  9. Learning a new language automatically makes you smarter.
  10. Your use of Danish also proves to your potential future Danish employers that you are motivated enough to work and integrate into the Danish society.


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