Work in Denmark

Работа в Дания

Working Environment

Every student can find a part-time job in Denmark during their studies. The country has one of the lowest corruption rates in Europe. Employers are fair, responsive, kind and you can usually rely on them when problems arise. It is very common for students to work a few hours per week during their studies. That makes them absolutely self-sufficient in terms of finance. There is no official minimum wage in the Kingdom, but the students usually receive an average hourly pay of about 15 EURO. If you know even a little Danish, the local language will multiply the possibility of finding a job faster. Over 50% of the students who contact us depart towrads Denmark with at least one (or more) completed level in Danish language. We cannot even express ourselves how the local language opens doors that would otherwise remain locked. The first question a potential future employer will ask you is “Do you speak Danish?”. We seriously advise you to invest in yourself and your future life in Denmark – Study Danish while you are still in your home country! Contact us if you need help with the language.

Работа в Дания

Student jobs in Denmark

Finding a job in Denmark is not easy, as most employers prefer hiring people who speak Danish. However, this is more the case when looking for qualified professionals. If you do not speak any Danish upon arrival, we strongly advise you to plan beforehand a longer period of time for your job search! You must be financially prepared to cover your expenses in the country (4-8 months). During the school year, it is recommended that each student works no more than 15 hours per week. Over 95% of international students in Denmark work around 12 hours per week and entirely support themselves all alone. As the lectures at the Danish universities during the week are usually between 9:00 and 15:00, this provides great opportunities for work in the afternoon and on the weekends.

Required Documents for Work in Denmark

All citizen of the European Union have the right to legally reside and work in Denmark. Before you can start working, you need to obtain a criminal record. You can get this document from your local police department. No special documents are required, except for your Danish ID (yellow) card (CPR), which is the second document you should receive in Denmark. We recommend the following job search portal in Denmark and Bulgaria. You can also view the sponsored ads to the right of the article.

Dun-Bul Study provides information, specific vacant jobs and new tricks (what to follow, download, prepare and do) to all students that work with us for researching and finding a job in Denmark, thanks to our contacts and knowledge of the job market characteristics. We will help you quickly increase the number of your friends in the city! Don’t hesitate to ask us!


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