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How to Choose What to Learn?

кариерно ориентиране

The  study program choice in Denmark must be entirely YOURS!

The choice of higher education is one of the most important decisions in your life. It determines your future professional career. Very often we do not know or we are not completely sure which should be the right way. Don’t worry, we have a few suggestions for you that will help you make the right step – now as well as anytime you don’t know what to do.

As a start, to choose the right program for your higher education in Denmark, you can pay attention to a few things:

  1. Your interests – choose a discipline that you like, that you enjoy studying about. If you study something, which you are passionate about, preparing for exams and writing projects will be interesting and successful task. This means that you can easily complete your higher education in Denmark. Talk to your parents and older friends. However, make your decision based on your own desires, not theirs! After all, this is your education, your career and your life! You will be going to lectures, you will be THE ONE pulling allnighers in attempts to finish  your projects on time, not your mother and father!
  2. Course content – many programs have impressive fancy names, but to make the right choice liking the title of the course is just not enough. Take a closer look at its description and curriculum on the website of the respective university. Usually, you should be able to find the list of subjects you will study and a precise description of the annual plan. After reading that you will know the requirements of teachers to students, what will be studied, the goals, etc. Pay attention to the city where the university is located. Make sure that you choose the most suitable lifestyle for youself (smaller or bigger city).
  3. Take a look at the Automation Engineering (Robotics) and Export and Technology Management programs, which may seem unfamiliar to you at first glance. However, you might be pleasantly surprised. For example, if you are interested in management and marketing, pay attention to the programs like Branding and Marketing Management, Logistics, Value Chain Management.
кариерно ориентиране

If you still do not know what to do or you can’t make up your mind between several specialties, then we have two suggestions to help you.

  1. You can make a career test (20 EURO), which will show you some insight information about your stengths and preferable areas to focus on!
  2. (From January 2021) You can enroll in a 6-week course (individual or group) to get to know yourself, your strengths and desires.
    You will go through a series of tasks, self-observations and assessments that will give you the clearest and most accurate idea of ​​what you really like doing. You will see your future and life in several different ways according to the interests you will define as the most suitable for you.
    We are organizing this course because we were in your shoes for years and did not know what our true calling was. There is no need to waste years studying the wrong education or even worse – do a job, which makes you miserable for the rest of your life!


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