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Do you wonder why so many students choose to study exactly in Denmark?

The education in Denmark will give you all the practical experience, which you need to fulfil your dreams and set higher and crazier goals for your future!

Every parent worries about their child, when they continue their education abroad. We provide the support, which will make you feel at ease at all times.

You cannot really imagine how your life will look like in Denmark. Friends from all around the world and amazing experiences are waiting for you!

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My work with Dun-Bul Study began early in August. Determined to look for a better future for myself abroad, I came across their services. For me the relationship comes first – you can talk to them like a friend, I value this a lot. I am glad I chose them for consultants, because what was about to happen, would have certainly locked my door to Denmark, forever.

Filip Yankov

Computer Science, DTU

My life experience made me choose carefully whom to work with in order to achieve my goal. The stakes were too high to apply with any agency without thoroughly researching the market. After the first conversation with Anton, I realized that I am not even aware of 1/2 of the things about Denmark, although I had read a lot on the Internet.

Filip Komogorov

Multimedia Design, UCN