The reviews of the admitted students

They were in your shoes! It is up to you to get in theirs now! 

My work with Dun-Bul Study began early in August. Determined to look for a better future for myself abroad, I came across their services. For me the relationship comes first – you can talk to them like a friend, I value this a lot. I am glad I chose them for consultants, because what was about to happen, would have certainly locked my door to Denmark, forever.


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Filip Yankov

Computer Science, DTU

My life experience made me choose carefully whom to work with in order to achieve my goal. The stakes were too high to apply with any agency without thoroughly researching the market. After the first conversation with Anton, I realized that I am not even aware of 1/2 of the things about Denmark, although I had read a lot on the Internet.


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Filip Komogorov

Multimedia Design, UCN

I found out about Dan-Bul Study when I started looking more thoroughly for information about the education in Denmark. Right there I sent them a short inquiry. What surprised me was the almost immediate response at 11 PM, followed by a serious conversation about my future. Shortly before Christmas, I was sure I wanted to study in Denmark.


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Zhivko Dobrev

Automotive Management, Dania Academy

All my life I thought I was not ready to leave Bulgaria. For this reason, I started my education at a university in Bulgaria. It took me less than a month to realize that this was not the place for me. My friend recommended me DanBul Study. We had a video call and I didn’t even need time to think about whether I wanted to work with them – I WANTED!


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Pamela Ratsova


I decided to bet on a smaller agency because the communication and attitude is more personal and better tailored to the specific needs of each student. It took me one conversation with the owner of the agency to realize that it would be foolish not to work together. What more does a future student need than a person on the spot with experience in an unfamiliar environment?!


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Bozhidar Aleksandrov

Web Development, UCN

I went on quite a few exhibitions for foreign education. I was quite unpleasantly surprised when I was told that I did not have enough hours in mathematics to be admitted in Denmark… I thought that if these companies said that I did not have enough hours, then most probably I didn’t. After all, they know more than I do… Apparently, what I thought was wrong…


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Martin Mlachkov

Business Administration & Digital Management , CBS

I didn’t believe I would get here. I didn’t believe that a year ago my life would turn in 180 °, so suddenly. However, I do know that everyone can achieve their desires and dreams. I can confirm it personally, because I experienced it myself! I know that I will be able to achieve even more than what I have achieved so far. Do not doubt yourself!


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Slaveya Milanova

Service, Hospitality & Tourism Management, UCL

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