Automotive Management (AP)

automotive management denmark

What is the program all about?

The program Automotive Management in Denmark is a specialty that will allow you to design absolutely everything on the cars that are to be driven in the coming decades! You will have subjects such as general management, operational and financial management, quality control and safety of a workshop. You will also find out how to manage your future staff and company in case you decide to open a car showroom, garage or whatever you decide with your future friends in Denmark or elsewhere in the world!
There are three main sections for the whole education: Technology and Design (1), Management and Operations (2), Optimization, Repair and IT (3).

You will have the opportunity to choose between 2 sub-specialties – management or engineering, which will determine what you would do after graduation. Whether you choose the more strategic job – as a manager or you prefer the daily life of the engineers, it’s entirely up to you! During your mandatory internship in a company of your choice, you will be able to check if what you are aiming for really meets your expectations!

Admission requirements and needed documents.

For your documents to be reviewed, you must have:
English B.
Mathematics C.

1. Motivation letter.
2. Diploma for completed secondary education or academic transcript (for the last 3 years with grades and number of hours).
3. Verification form.
4. Copy of you ID card or passport.
5. Certificate in English.

What can you continue studying or where can you work?

After completing the AP degree in Automotive Management in Denmark, you can continue to enrich your knowledge in the field of cars in Denmark and everything related to them and enroll in the Top up specialty.

You can also review other top up or bachelor’s degrees in Denmark. If you want to continue your education outside of Denmark, this is also possible. Contact us to avoid mistakes.

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Personal opinion and practical experience

At Dania Academy you will receive a friendly and warm attitude from the teachers. You won’t hear anything like “You should be aware of this.” Whatever questions you might have, whether for the program or for yourself, the teachers are available 24/7. Regarding your training, there are a lot of organized visits to large companies – for sports cars, racing cars or just car showrooms. You will learn the most important of the two areas – management and engineering, so you can decide what you will do in the 3rd semester as a specialization. The academy wants feedback from the students on the quality of education and what they would like to be changed. Don’t imagine a large audience of 500 people. You will be in a course of about 20-30 people in a spacious classroom with interactive whiteboards. The hours are not boring – exactly the opposite. No matter how much you know about cars, the teachers will always tell you something new. They will surprise you with the latest diagnostics on the market or various devices. In addition to the various visits of companies, you will also attend large seminars. Everything is organized by the university and you usually have enough free time to explore. Your teachers will always ask for your feedback after such a visit. Your opinion is very important to them and they really listen to what you have to say.

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