Export and Technology Management (BA)

export and technology management

What is the program all about?

Export and Technology Management is a bachelor’s program in Denmark that combines the use of new technologies for the successful development and delivery of products and services on a global leve. If you decide to study this program, you will deal with marketing strategies and international markets, where respectively to place goods and services of company X, Y, Z. You will use the acquired new skills to develop new products in terms of design, quality, innovations, production planning as well as daily operations of the specific company for which you will work.

Some of the subjects you will study will be: Product Development, Logistics and Supply Management, Marketing, Quality Management, Construction, ERP & IT, Culture and Communication, Business Law and others. In your sixth semester, you will have the opportunity to work for a Danish or foreign company of your choice to put into practice what you have learned. This bachelor’s program will give you the knowledge you need to start your own business by transporting goods and services from one country to another.

Admission requirements and needed documents.

For your documents to be reviewed, you must have:
English – level B.
Mathematics – level B.

1. Motivation letter.
2. Diploma for completed secondary education or academic transcript (for the last 3 years with grades and number of hours of teaching).
3. Verification form.
4. Copy of your ID card or passport.
5. English certificate.

What can you continue studying or where can you work?

After completing the bachelor’s degree in Export and Technology Management in Denmark, you will be able to pursue various master’s degrees in the country. You can see the possibilities in this portal. If you want to continue your education outside of Denmark, this is also possible. Review in detail the master’s programs that you can study in the following portal.

You will be able to work at different levels in the business, with companies from the logistics and export industry or organizations related to it, depending on your own ambitions and talent. You will most likely work as an Export consultant, Export director, Export manager, Product consultant, Product manager, Purchasing manager. There are a lot ambitious graduates who start their own businesses and implement what they have learnt to suit their own goals.

Personal opinion and practical experience

I really didn’t expect what was happening to me during my entire education here. In fact, the Danish education is totally different from the one I was familiar with in Bulgaria. When I go back to high school, I can see myself going into classes with a lot of fear, I was afraid to ask questions when I could not understand something. It is the attitude and the apprach of my former teachers – that was the problem. Here, the teachers are our friends, they somehow make you feel at ease. You suddenly want to know more about everything related to our program and our future work in the field. They want to know our specific interests and constantly adapt the curriculum according to what we tell them. Last but not least, we have to take into account the companies we visit, which is extremely important so that we can see what our future will actually look like in a few years from now. UCN cooperates with universities in other countries and excursions are organized every year so we can see what is happening in other countries. Last year we had the opportunity to spend some time in Vietnam, which was an unforgettable experience for each of us.

Georgi Vasilev


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