Architectural Technology and Construction Management (BA)

architecture in denmark

What is the program all about?

This is the closest program to architecture in Denmark that you can study in English. You probably think that you will read a lot about art or your days will be spent in calculations. Well, the truth is… you will do both. For example, you will learn how to make a building stable, how to use different types of materials, where and how to place the correct mechanical installations. However, this is only the very beginning.

You are about to learn how to manage projects. You will calculate how long a project will last from start to finish – from the design of the building to its construction and subsequently the required warranty period for construction. You will learn to prepare detailed budgets for buildings, including all costs for the necessary staff in the project. During the training you will learn to work with different programs such as Revit, Sketch up, Vico office, Sigma and others.

Admission requirements and needed documents.

For your documents to be reviewed, you must have:
AT LEAST 210 hours (60 minutes) of English for the last 3 years.
AT LEAST 125 hours (60 minutes) of Mathematics for the last 3 years.

1. Motivation letter.
2. Diploma for completed secondary education or academic transcript (for the last 3 years with grades and number of hours).
3. Verification form.
4. Copy of you ID card or passport.
5. Certificate in English.

What can you continue studying or where can you work?

After completing the bachelor’s degree in Architectural Technology and Construction Management, you will be able to continue the following two majors at Aalborg University – Building Energy Design, Construction Management and Building Informatics.
You can also review other master’s degrees in Denmark. If you want to continue your education outside Denmark, this is also possible. Contact us to avoid mistakes.

You will be able to work at different levels in the business, with companies from the construction industry or organizations related to it, depending on your own ambitions and talent. Your main role will often be to ensure the cooperation and communication between architects and engineers so that the construction process can continue as planned. You will most likely work as a Department Leader, Project or Construction Manager in an architectural, energy, construction, insurance or entrepreneurial company, government agency or elsewhere.

Architecture in Denmark

Personal opinion and practical experience

The teachers here create opportunities to visit many construction sites, both in Denmark and abroad, to gain foreign practice. The education here is not only theoretical. A lot of students want to come here because we gain knowledge not only in one particular field, but in everything related to the process of building constructions and management of construction sites. I am extremely happy that I made the choice to continue my education in Denmark. The progress I have made in my theoretical and practical knowledge makes me happy with myself and what I have achieved so far. This in turn stimulates me to want even more, which inevitably leads to bigger and more ambitious goals. If you are wondering whether to study in Denmark, do not hesitate much – just do it, there is no way you will regret your choice.

Antonina Todorova


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