Chemical and Biochemical Science (AP)

Chemical and Biochemical Science denmark

What is the program all about?

The Chemical and Biochemical Science program in Denmark will prepare you for a technical laboratory assistant. This means that you will learn almost everything related to biology and chemistry. You will be working on a variety of topics from making and checking the quality of alcohol to making antibiotics. However, there is a lot of emphasis on the organic and analytical chemistry and microbiology, but there is also math. This is a big plus because you will go through a wide range of topics that will prepare you for your future work. The theory-practice ratio is 40 to 60, which is great. Learning is done both in groups and individually. The good thing is that when you don’t know something, it is very likely that someone else in the group is aware of that. The learning process itself consists of taking theoretical material, analyzing and solving problems, lab preparation and finally laboratory work.

Admission requirements and needed documents.

For your documents to be reviewed, you must have:
English – level B.
Mathematics – level С.
Chemistry – level С.

1. Motivation letter.
2. Diploma for completed secondary education or academic transcript (for the last 3 years with grades and number of hours of teaching).
3. Verification form.
4. Copy of your ID card or passport.
5. English certificate.

What can you continue studying or where can you work?

After completing the AP degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry in Denmark you will be able to continue the top up degree Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology, as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Denmark, but also others.

You can also review other top up or bachelor’s degrees in Denmark. If you want to continue your education outside of Denmark, this is also possible. Contact us to avoid mistakes.

You will most likely work as a laboratory technician in:
Food industry including breweries, dairies and abattoirs, Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical industry, Textile, paint and plastics industry, Color and cosmetics industry, Biotechnology companies and others.

Chemical and Biochemical Science

Personal opinion and practical experience

The teachers are friendly, more than helpful, and no matter how many times you ask them, they will always answer and explain in details. The academy cooperates with major companies in Denmark, such as Arla, which is the largest dairy company in Scandinavia. Novozymes is another huge Danish pharmaceutical company with headquartered in Copenhagen, a producer of enzymes and microorganisms. This company cooperates with countries such as China, Germany, UK and many others. In general, the program is dynamic, offers a lot and is worth applying for!

Borislav Kostov


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