Value Chain Management (BA)

value chain management denmark

What is the program all about?

The bachelor program Value Chain Management in Denmark represents a business management concept. The subjects you will study will help you get a perfect idea of ​​the stages a company goes through to create the perfect product or service. Here you will be engaged in Purchasing and Negotiation marketing, Logistics, Supply chain management, Inventory management, Production technology. You will face certain problems of large companies such as LEGO and Samsung, which have been and still are facing a number of options to optimize their production processes. You will have the real opportunity to optimize the production line to increase its efficiency and save time and money of real Danish companies. Managers and even owners of small or large companies will enter your classes in person to ask for your help! It is quite possible to be hired by such a company if you can solve the problems, which make it lose thousands of Danish kroner every month.

Admission requirements and required documents?

For your documents to be reviewed, you must have:
English – level B.
Mathematics – level B.

1. Motivation letter.
2. Diploma for completed secondary education or academic transcript (for the last 3 years with grades and number of hours).
3. Verification form.
4. Copy of you ID card or passport.
5. English certificate.

What can you continue studying or where can you work?

After completing the bachelor’s degree in Value Chain Management, you will be able to pursue various master’s degrees in Denmark. You can view all master’s degrees in Denmark. If you want to continue your education outside of Denmark, this is also possible. Contact us to avoid mistakes.

Even with only a bachelor’s degree in the field you will be able to work as: Purchasing agent, Operations manager, Logistics analyst, Purchasing manager, Supply chain manager, Logistician, Logistics manager, Production, planning and expediting clerk, Storage and distribution manager.

value chain management denmark

Personal opinion and practical experience

Every semester at Value Chain Management there is an event called “TOPweek”. This is a program in which VIA collaborates with 3 other universities. It takes place in Spain, Germany or the Netherlands.  🇧🇶🇩🇪🇩🇰🇪🇸 Only a few selected university students can participate. In March 2019, the theme was “The Fresh Connection – Virtual Supply Chain Gaming”. It sounded interesting and as a student I became very interested and applied. Luckily for me, I was accepted and went to the Netherlands!

During the Topweek, mixed teams were set up for the “virtual supply chain game”. There were teambuilding activities to unite all team. It was really fun! We had some interesting lectures, which we took advantage of and applied the learnt in our final project for the competition. In addition, we got acquainted with the company, which was related to the topic itself. It was great – we had lunch together, we had a big party together. I never imagined that I would make such cool friends from this trip. All in all, TOPweek can be a great opportunity for anyone, who wants to learn something extra related to the education or their future work!

Tsveti Petrova


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