Universities in Denmark – Education and Programs

What are some of the important things you need to know about Denmark?

More and more international students choose Denmark for their higher education. This is due to the contry’s large investments in the field of education, the excellent academic level and the successful professional careers of a lot of the graduates. The Danish universities are among the highest rated higher education institutions in the world. The students from the European Union are extremely privileged as they do not have to pay the tuition fees for the various specialties in English or Danish, at all universities in Denmark! Since 2007 a lot more Bulgarians choose Denmark for their professional development, as the country joined the European Union!

The universities are internationally oriented and offer programs in various professional fields. Each program includes practical projects set up by real Danish companies as well as internships in various international or local companies. The Danish universities are closely linked to the local businesses. Very often, the best performing students receive job offers from such companies, even before they have finished their education. Furthermore, the universities in Denmark partner with other reputable foreign universities, where you will be able to spend a semester or even a year of your education in Denmark or abroad. Whether the university where you will do your internship is located in New Zealand, North America or China, you will be exempt from the tuition fees because you are a Danish student!

университети дания безплатно обучение специалности

The universities in Denmark use the European Academic Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Thus, all students can be mobile in the international higher education sector worldwide. Their successfully completed courses and credits will enable them to continue their studies at other colleges and universities.

The way of teaching at the Danish universities might be quite different from your home country! It is characterized by an innovative teaching style, the training is conducted in small groups, in an informal environment, which further develops the logical thinking, teamwork skills and social skills of each student. These are qualities that all employers are looking for in the 21st century! As a student in Denmark, you will be expected to constantly apply what you have learned to solve problems from the working environment of different companies!

The student life in Denmark is totally different, too! The opportunity to work very little, but at the same time be entirely financially independent, will make you a happy and outperforming student at any university in Denmark! You will have enough time to be perfectly prepared for your projects at the university. The various events and excursions organized by the universities and the various organizations in your city, will contribute to your amazing student experience, like concerts, festivals and your name it!

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