Inernational Business Academy Kolding (IBA)

International Business Academy Kolding IBA

International Business Academy Kolding (IBA) is a major educational institution in the heart of Denmark. This university offers programs focused on business, marketing, finance, management and design. Students can choose between AP degrees, bachelor’s, and master’s programs that combine academic and theoretical foundations, with an emphasis on the latest teaching methods, including interdisciplinary projects and group work. The programs are in the form of full-time, remote  or e-learning.

International Business Academy Kolding works closely with companies and organizations, both in Denmark and around the world. During their studies, the students have the opportunity to benefit from student exchanges between various educational institutions, visits to private companies, international events and internships. Furthermore, the university is one of the institutions in Denmark that offers programs, which closely works with universities in the UK offering a double degree – from Denmark and the UK. 

The Environment at the International Business Academy Kolding

The classrooms at the IBA are very well equipped. The faculties have rooms for personal and group meetings. The academy has a spacious dining room and a small café. The library provides the necessary teaching materials, including various magazines and newspapers. Each student can visit the university at any time of the day, with access to the university computers and wireless internet. The university organizes a lot of extracurricular activities such as sports events, culinary and film evenings and you name it. There is also a Friday Bar at the university. It is almost impossible to arrive in Kolding and leave disappointed. The city has a lot to offer.

Double Degree – Euro-Asia Business Management

A foreign diploma is an incredible advantage, both at your country but also abroad. Upon graduation from the IBA, you can receive two diplomas! The university is accredited by the Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, which means that you will receive a bachelor’s degree from Denmark and China by spending two years in Shanghai. (The first two years are in Denmark and the third and fourth in China. Only the education in Denmark is free. For your studies in China you have to pay the corresponding fee. For more information see the IBA website or contact us.)

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