VIA University College

VIA University College

The programs at VIA University College are divided into four campuses, the largest of which is VIA Horsens. Over 4,000 students go to lectures there. Half of them are foreigners from 60 different countries. The programs here are mainly technical and business oriented. VIA is up-to-date with the innovation and globalization and is constantly working to expand its international activities. Currently, the university partners with international companies and a number of universities – China Sichuan University, Chengdu University, Sichuan College of Architectural Technology, Beijing Wuzi University and Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction. All programs work closely with the relevant industries. Highly qualified teachers, with experience in the relevant fields, are a guarantee that the educational programs are in line with the constantly-changing needs of the global world. The students graduate from the university as fully qualified professionals. VIA University College offers its students the opportunity to apply for housing near the campus, where is located the student bar “Waterhole”. In the area around the campus is the newly built “Vitus Bering Innovation Park” (VBI Park), where many students can find work after graduation. In 2021, VIA offers two-week and four-week summer and winter courses. This is an ideal opportunity for any future student, who wants to improve their level of English and check in person whether Denmark is the country to get their bachelor’s degree. Read more about this opportunity.

The Campus in Horsens

Horsens is located close to the nature, which favors active sports students and especially those who practice water sports. Annually, VIA sponsors boat races in which all students are welcome to take part. You can also become a member of one of the many sports clubs. The city offers various cultural activities such as visits to museums or performances in the city theater. Over 200 events are held annually in Horsens. Bob Dylan, Madonna and the Rolling Stones have been a part of Horsens’ cultural life. Despite its small scale, do not think that you will have time to rest. The smaller cities in Denmark appeal more to the students, as making friends is much easier. Be sure to read more information on the official website of the city.

The Campus in Aarhus

VIA University College has another campus in Aarhus, which is the second largest city in Denmark. A lot of the residents are students, which makes the life in the city dynamic and full of many events. You can enjoy the unique sceneries on the different parts of the coast. Furthermore, parks such as Marselisborg Dyrehave can offer you a unique experience – here you can feed deer that live freely.

Campus ‘C’ is located in the center of the city and the buildings around it are truly amazing. The campus itself has a unique architecture that is not typical of a Danish brick building. There is an endless variety of facilities, such as sports fields or 3D printers. The material taught in the classes is up to date, and there are changes in the curriculum almost every year. The opinion of the students is actively sought in making important decisions and changes in how the teaching should be done in the future.

Via university college aarhus

The Campus in Herning 

The design programs are taught in Herning. The campus building has everything you need to conduct an optimal educational process – small and large halls for group work, workshops, laboratory and access to different types of machines to help you develop your ideas.
Herning, on the other hand, is a smaller town, but it hosts many concerts by famous artists, sports competitions and cultural events. You can read more about the city.

Via university college herning

VIA University College Career Center

The Career Center is located on the territory of the university, which allows students to connect with different companies and find work. The center organizes seminars and events where the students receive qualified advice on how to contact companies, how to make a video CV, upload it on the center’s website, etc. Thanks to the student portal Job VIA, students can find both jobs and companies to work with on their student projects.

VIA University College “Tomorrow” House

“The Tomorrow House” is an excellent real example of how the education is organized in Denmark. The house is created thanks to the joint work of Danish and foreign students from the programs civil engineering, architectural construction, mechanics, ICT engineering, marketing management and others. The modern building has an area of ​​70 square meters and was completed in 2014. More than 100 students, sponsored by more than 50 companies, took part in this project. Read about it here and here. The university organizes an event for its students called “Meet Horsens”, where you have the opportunity to get to know the city and the Danish culture.

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