What should you Know about the Education in Denmark?

обучение в Дания форум

Oh no – the education in Denmark is too expensive, we can’t afford it!

One of the main misconceptions spread in our society is that the education abroad is expensive. Not every family can afford to send their child to study abroad. Not to mention to study in Denmark, one of the most advanced countries in Europe, maintaining a high standard of living. At least that’s what parents tell us.

In fact, the Bulgarian students in Denmark are one of the largest international groups in Northwestern Europe. How is it then possible so many Bulgarians to continue their education in Denmark, when Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU? The number of Bulgarian students increase every year! If you have crossed out Denmark because you think you can’t afford to finance your son’s or daughter’s education in Denmark, we should reassure you by telling you that the students here are completely self-sufficient.

Since Bulgaria’s admission to the European Union, more and more prospective students have turned their attention to the Scandinavian countries and picked to continue their education in Denmark. This is no surprise to us, as we are aware of its benefits!

In the following lines we will break down some of the misconceptions that are floating around the internet (forums) about the education in Denmark. Check and see it for yourself:

обучение в Дания форум

1. The Tuition Fees at Danish universities are sky high! – Mistake! In fact, the universities in Denmark are cheaper than any university in Bulgaria, because there are simply no fees! Studying in Denmark is free for students coming from an European Union country! For everyone else, the annual tuition fee is between 7,000 and 12,000 euros (or more), according to the specific educational program!

2. The Education in Denmark is in Danish! – Mistake! – Here you will find a huge number of university programs in English. 91% of the population speaks English, which puts the Danes at the first place in speaking English in Europe. It will not be difficult for you to find your way around as a foreign student in Denmark.

3. I need IELTS / TOEFL / CAE to study at a Danish university! – Of course, these certificates will be a plus for you when applying, but they are far from mandatory! In most universities you can apply with the Oxford Online Placement Test, which is a much lighter and cheaper option. Any student, who applies with the help of Dan-Bul Study can take such a test and obtain the necessary certificate!

обучение в Дания форум

4. I have to be an Excellent student to Apply in Denmark! – In general, your academic achievements in school are just one of the factors. Of course, a high GPA is a big plus, but don’t rely on it alone. Universities assess individually each candidate along with their desire for development. It is important to demonstrate your motivation, accompanied by the right certificates and documents, for which we will prepare you during the application process.

5. Studying in Denmark is difficult! – The education system in Denmark has been tested and approved not only by global organizations, but also by millions of pupils and students. The curriculums exclude unnecessary and outdated information. The teaching in Denmark is conducted in small groups, in an informal environment, which further develops the logic and critical approach to the tasks, as well as the most important for the labor market in the XXI century – teamwork, innovative thinking and ingenuity. You will be involved in many learning discussions and seminars. As a student in Denmark, you will apply what you have learned while solving real problems of real Danish companies.

6. While studying in Denmark, I will not have any free time – for my hobbies, for my social life or a student work! – Mistake! Exactly the opposite! The student life in Denmark is a PARADISE for the students here! The education system is organized in such a way that students are encouraged to work only 12 hours a week or 43 hours a month! This is enough for every student in Denmark to cover all their expenses without exceptions! The students in Denmark are completely financially independent. Very often some of them even help their parents back in their home counties financially. The few working hours a week allow the student to concentrate entirely on his education and to take part in a number of events, which guarantee them bright professional future. Students have enough free time to enjoy the student life in the country, but also to build a solid network of professional contacts. Does it seem impossible to you? Ask our consultants or some of the current Danbul Study students!

7. The Education in Denmark takes a long time! – It depends mainly on your motivation and aspiration. The duration of the programs starts from 2 to 5 and more years. After 2 years of training you will receive your first diploma for professional qualification. In fact, you can start working in Denmark and anywhere abroad. Find out more about the programs in Denmark.


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