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Dania Academy Viborg

Dania Academy is the only educational institution in Denmark that is accredited by CISCO. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of the academy, which is why hundreds of prospective students want to study IT Technology there. Furthermore, the dormitories of the academy are located next to the campus – across the street! If this hasn’t caught your attention, you should know that APPLE is currently building a Data Center just outside of Viborg. Moreover, each student has 24/7 access to the university building, where they can use the gym, library, sport hall, dining room, kitchens, printers and everything that is there. The academy has campuses in Viborg and Randers.

Student Life at Dania Academy

The academy organizes Introduction week at the beginning of the year, similar to other academies in Denmark. Usually these are several days during which the new students have the opportunity to participate in various teambuilding competitions and thus get to know each other faster and smoothless.

If you are sports fan, then the possibilities are endless – you can join different teams in football, volleyball, basketball or handball. If you have different interests, then you can always organize something else and play with your friends in the academy lounge completely for free.

Job Opportunities

Usually, the students here work in restaurants, clean offices, gyms or public places. Many of them deliver newspapers early in the morning or on the weekends. To find a job in Viborg, and in Denmark in general, without knowing Danish, it is extremely important to invest in the development of your social contacts. Over 80% of the students find work thanks to a friend, who already works somewhere. To succeed, you need to go to every single event and talk to as many people as possible. It is important to share that you are looking for a job. No one will offer you a job if they don’t know that you need one. That is why be brave and relentless in your first job search. Furthermore, you can register at the so-called Vikar agencies, which provide temporary employment. Do not expect to be contacted by them! You should regularly pay them visits (once per 10 days) and ask them if there are any new job openings. Your persistence will lead to a phone call and a job offer from them! 

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