Why Study in Denmark? Is the Education Free for You?

bezplatno vishe obrazovanie v dania

Several Serious Reasons that will Make you not only Want to Study in Denmark, but Live here FOREVER!

One of the first things you will hear about Denmark is that this is the country of the  happiest people on earth! Without going into details and explanations of what happiness is, because the feeling of being happy is complex and individual, we will try to give you a good idea of ​​some of the factors that make the people in Denmark not only claim they are the happiest on earth, but truly believe in it! We will start and mainly focus on the higher education. However, if the education is not a big enough reason for you, the rest of the reasons will certainly make you forget about any other contries you might consider for your future!

1. The Higher Education in Denmark is a World Leader – the Danish educational system is in the top 15 in the world (number 4 for 2017!). The reason for this is the innovative thinking and problem-oriented learning, which attracts many foreign students from around the world. Of course, the programs for foreigners are entirely in English. There is no memorization of unnecessary information, as well as outdated practices, as you might have experienced during your school years… The universities realy on the most modern equipment on the market. Usually, when you need something, which is not available for your project, the university will get it for you if you really need it. Simply add the fact that education is free for all citizens of the European Union and there is no way we have not engaged your full attention and interest. To satisfy your curiosity, we will say that students outside the European Union pay between 7000-11 000 euros or more per year, according to their chosen educational program.

2. A Different Type of Teaching – Just forget about the educational model from your home country. The higher education in Denmark is completely different. The hierarchy of teacher-student does not exist, which makes communication extremely friendly. Here we have a flat structure. Students turn to their teachers by small name – Kenneth, Per, Pernille… All this leads to an informal environment that stimulates students’ interest, their desire to learn more and ask every question they might have. Students perceive the teacher as “one of them”, as a friend, who can seek advice at any time, whether by email, phone or through social media at any time. The tests that you might be used to sit and all the examinations are absent here. The students are expected to exchange ideas and give constructive criticism and guidance to their peers and thus improve the projects they are working on! What you should expect is a lot of discussions in class and different points of view. Very often there will be dozens of solutions to a specific problem and no one will know which is the best one is! It is up to you to do your best to achieve the optimal results. Another thing, which you should expect is that teachers will not tell you directly the answers to your questions. On the contrary, their goal is to help you get the answers on your own. In this way they stimulate your thinking and make no mistake, the results will shortly follow!

3. Contemporary Problems – In your school so far, you might have been dealing with information, technology and materials that have long been obsolete. Forget about this waste of time while getting your degree in Denmark. Expect representatives of small or large Danish companies (LEGO, Bang & Olufsen) to come to your class and ask you to solve real problems (which they currently have and struggle with) for them! Be prepared to ask yourself, “But… do I really have to solve it?” You will often be surprised by your own abilities when they are complemented by those of your group mates to reach the final solution! Don’t be surprised if you are offered a student position in the respective company – you have just saved them thousands or even hundreds of thousands Danish kroner. On the top of that you don’t even have a diploma in your hands! Do you see the potential? Never underestimate the heart of a champion!

4. Individual Solutions and Development Opportunities – In Denmark, the spotlight is on you! Usually at the beginning, middle and end of each semester there are especially organized meetings between the teachers and the students. Their aim is to set the right goals according to the specific interests of the students. In Denmark the students have the opportunity to assess the processes they have gone through and give their recommendations for the future. You and the teachers are in one team and they do not want to waste your time with material that will not be useful to you. That’s why it’s important for you to share your preferences and remind them regularly what works and what does not! If you are interested in basketball and have a great desire to work in this field, it makes no sense to get extensive information about the organization of weddings, concerts and festivals or vice versa! Just remind them and they will adapt the lectures so you can make the most of them!

bezplatno vishe obrazovanie v dania

5. Student Internships – No matter what you study, part of your higher education in Denmark includes a student internship lasting from 3 to 9 months. Usually finding an internship company is an entirely student task. This implies that you should have a quite good idea of what exactly you want to do and how you see yourself after graduation. The internship is the ideal opportunity to work for one of those companies or organizations (in Denmark or abroad) that you have sympathized with since your childhood. For example, if you study Sports Management and you are a Liverpool supporter, then take the necessary steps to offer them your services completely free of charge during your internship! If you are learning programming – approach Apple, Microsoft or the company you really like! Many companies will want to keep you at a student position or even hire you after you graduate if they are happy with your performance.

6. Opportunity for Student Work – Over 95% of all foreign students in Denmark work! – Another huge advantage of the higher education in Denmark and the life here in general is that the country encourages students to work just a little – no more than 12 hours a week. Having a legal student job, all students in Denmark manage to cover their expenses without any problems (thanks to student preferences and discounts), but at the same time they have a lot of time to invest in their education to reach their full potential. This is the reason why some students work in their field of study at the end of their first year in Denmark. To cope with the competition when finding a job in the beginning, it is a good idea to know at least a little Danish! Ask us about the opportunities that you may have if you want to be one step ahead of all other foreign students in your future Danish city!

7. Professional Development – The working environment in Denmark is another huge advantage, which might be totally different with other countries around the world. Here we can completely forget about problems like late or unpaid salaries. In Denmark, it is almost impossible not to get paid! In the rare cases when this happens, the employees are part of a union that will simply take over and handle the case for you. What you usually have to do is simply give them a call and explain the situation.

In Denmark you can expect a calm work environment, no pressure and a friendly and honest relationship with your manager and colleagues. This envirnoment mirrors the one at university. It depends on the diffrent working area, but the dress code is rarely strictly formal. In Denmark the emphasis is more on convenience and productivity, at the expense of the rest. Expect a constant dialogue with both your colleagues and your bosses, who will be interested in your opinions and ideas. Again, like at the university, you are also expected to make mistakes (not critial ones, of course), and correct them in a timely manner! Usually employees receive individual responsibilities and serious tasks fairly quickly, which stimulates the productivity and development in the specific field! The offices are often arranged in sucha a manner, so that the employees can constantly communicate with one another on the team. In general, everything that you learned but also applied during your university education will fit almost perfectly into your work environment, as this is exactly the whole idea – to be ready for the real life before your graduation!

8. Balance Between Work and Free Time – Welcome to PARADISE! Yes, in Denmark the employees do not stay after their usual working hours to “finish” anything. Yes, of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but when the working day is over, you will see how your colleagues just close their laptops and say “Bye. We continue tomorrow.” Something that might seem strange to a lot of us, but it actually feels great. The high salary you will receive for what you do will give you the opportunity to spend the rest of the time with your friends and family, which is no less important than everything else! This is one of the main reasons why Danes define themselves as the happiest people in the world! The working week in Denmark is only 37 hours. The working office hours can often floating and employees can choose exactly when to start work – between 8 and 10 o’clock in the morning, which respectively ends between 16 and 18 o’clock, earlier every Friday! Unlike in many other countries, in Denmark the breaks are included in the working hours and are also paid! Of course, they vary from sphere to sphere, but usually for an 8-hour shift you will have a 30-60 minute lunch break and a 10-20 minute coffee break. Your higher education diploma in Denmark will give you all the training you need to become a real specialist that Denmark needs!

bezplatno vishe obrazovanie v dania

9. Innovative environment – If we talk about architecture, design, construction, environmental development, then Denmark is one of the leaders in each of these areas – i.e. If you have the opportunity to drive a TESLA, why would you prefer the old Peugeot (no offense Peugeot lovers)?! These sectors are constantly making huge leaps in their development and specialists are constantly needed to lead the large number of projects not only in Denmark but also abroad. Here we must also emphasize on the huge focus in each single university degree dedicated to starting an own business. A significant proportion of the graduates have one or more ideas that they try to transform into a successful independent business after they graduate. This is possible thanks to the knowledge they acquire during lectures, group work and interaction with small and large companies for their projects. Funding and access to the latest technologies they need, allow them to carry out their plans and gain valuable experience that gives them the courage of future entrepreneurs.

10. Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world! According to a study by the Institute for Economics and Peace in Sydney for 2020, Denmark ranks 5th in the world after Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal and Austria. 

11. For many years now, Denmark has been the country where corruption is the rarest in the world! Don’t even think about trying to bribe a police officer if you have exceeded the speed limit or committed a violation while driving. Apologize, pay your fine and follow the rules in the future. Nobody will ask you the question “So what are we going to do now?”

bezplatno vishe obrazovanie v dania

12. Volunteering – A huge part of the Danes’ lives depends on volunteering activities. The sports sector is a great example of this, where almost all clubs are run by volunteers. If you have skills in a field or just want to develop certain ones – become a volunteer. The Blue and Red Cross second hand shops also function entirely thanks to volunteers. Most of the Danes do not have financial difficulties, they do not have to work in two or three places to cover their expenses. Investing their free time in a cause they believe in gives meaning to their lives. Not to mention the contacts that the activity creates for each of them. As a foreigner, becoming a volunteer will unlock great opportunities for you in terms of friends, contacts and possibilities – as long as, of course, you can find the time for it.

13. Strong sense of mutual trust – You don’t feel well, you are getting sick. All you have to do is call your employer to let them know you are not going to work. You don’t have to give explanations or apologize in Denmark. No one will ask you what’s wrong, ask for notes or any evidence that you’re really not feeling well. “OK. Get well soon! We are waiting for you when you feel strong enough again!” Exceptional!

14. Last but not least is the healthcare. Yes, it is completely free, but only at first glance. Like the higher education in Denmark, the health insurance in Denmark is funded by the high taxes that each citizen pays on a monthly basis. However, when we think about it, each of us at some point in their life will need not only to seek help from their GP, but also to visit a hospital for various reasons. The feeling of peace of mind that doctors will do absolutely everything necessary for your best interest and restore your health, without even thinking about the bill is truly amazing.


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