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Filip Yankov

Computer Science – DTU

My work with Dun-Bul Study began early in August. Determined to look for a better future for myself abroad, I came across their services. For me the relationship comes first – you can talk to them like a friend, I value this a lot. I am glad I chose them for consultants, because what was about to happen, would have certainly locked my door to Denmark, forever.

My path was far from all roses – I had problems with the requirements of the universities and was crashing into walls that I could not jump over. My situation was really special, and despite my high qualification, I received rejection letters from every university where I had applied. I had actually given up, as maybe everyone else in my place would have done. Truly, the hope was so insignificant that even the effort I had to make seemed like a waste of time.

However, DanBul Study did not allow me to give up. For more than a month we continued the struggle and I wrote long emails to each university, in search of options, to meet the requirements for the program I wanted – several times! Honestly, I didn’t believe I would succeed. But they believed, for which I really thank them…

In early July, the Technical University opened its doors to me. I was accepted into the program I wanted the most – Computer Science. What DanBul Study did for me, I don’t think I would get anywhere. Constant support, motivation and hope when you’re really ready to give up and say to yourself that it’s just “not meant to be”… I’m extremely content with their attitude and services. I learned my lesson: work with people who care about you, because when things go wrong, you are left alone and the results will not always be what you imagine them to be.


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