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Filip Komogorov

Multimedia Design – UCN

My life experience has led me to carefully choose whom to entrust my future to achieve my goal. The stakes were too high to simply pick any agency in Bulgaria. After serious research and talking to friends, I came across DanBul Study. After my very first conversation with Anton, I realized that I am not aware even of half the things about applying and living in Denmark and I had read tons of information on the Internet.

The preparation process was long, but I was quickly getting the necessary guidance when something was not clear to me or needed help. Honestly, I made quite a decent effort and strictly followed Anton’s advice. I knew from the beginning that I had to be perfect to succeed, because the program I applied for was very competitive. Well, the result was not late. BOOM, you are accepted! I wish everyone to experience the feeling. Your life is simply changing completely in every way. Now that I have started my studies in Aalborg, I see that Anton’s coaching style is very similar to the teaching style at the university. This makes me feel at home during my first lectures in Denmark.

The services I received from DanBul Study were not limited to the preparation for university admission. Thanks to their plan, which I followed, I was able to get accommodation before I came to the city, which could be a serious problem and a big expense. Fast and convenient communication, competent and friendly attitude, knowledge of the Danish language and individual approach are the qualities I value the most in my work with DanBul Study. What’s even better is that I can get help with practical things now that I’m in Denmark, which is priceless.


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