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Bozhidar Aleksandrov

Web Development – UCN

This story began in 2017. Then I applied with the help of DanBul Study for my AP Degree in Computer Science. I was accepted without a problem at my first wish.

I decided to use a smaller agency because the communication and the attitude is more personal and much more tailored to the specific needs of each student. This gives a higher chance for success and the preparation itself goes more smoothly. I found out about DanBul Study from a friend from my previous class, who applied to Denmark through them. He briefly explained me how they work. I contacted them directly.  It took me one conversation with the owner of the agency to realize that it would be foolish not to work together The huge plus is that the representatives have already gone our way. They have applied, studied, graduated, worked and lived in Denmark for many years. What more does a future student need than a person on the spot with experience in an unfamiliar environment?!

In January 2020 I received my diploma and it was time to specialize. I wanted to continue with Web Development and again sought the help of DanBul Study. The bad thing was that I started the process very late – the deadline for submitting the documents was very soon. There was only a month left, and I still hadn’t prepared anything! However, when someone wants, he finds a way! Thanks to my perseverance and DanBul Study’s specific guidelines for everything, I was able to cope up with the deadline. They helped me with everything – documents to the university, recommendations, motivation letters, submitting documents for accommodation, making connections and contacts in the new city. I have always been calm and I trust them completely when it comes to serious work.

The relationship between us is friendly and professional – all the time they motivated me to be perfect in every way: documents, communication with universities, certificates for the specialty, English, accommodation, introduced me to the culture and laws of the country, sent me documents about the life in Denmark and you name it. Some of the documents, especially the cover letter, went through a lot of corrections. From the very beginning, it becomes clear to you how everything should be completely spotless – to the last comma and in perfect condition before being sent to the universities. This gave me peace of mind and confidence that I would be accepted – both times!

Not only that, the statistics shows it. It is no coincidence that the percentage of accepted students in Denmark through DanBul Study is so high! Yes, to apply with them, you have to pay for their services. However, the difference is huge, because along with the submission of the documents, DanBul Study solves many problems and challenges that life abroad offers us. I also liked that you can apply to any university in Denmark. The investment is worth it! This way you invest in your future and you will not need to find out about the life in Denmark the hard way!


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